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This is your Roadmasters website at and  at your service

 I am Anthony Campos, PhD  owner of Roadmasters Driving School
Driving is the privilege of being able to go where you desire,
but the real objective is to do it with ability in a safe manner.

Call Now at 755-9594   for modified schedules (our two groups are Tue/Wed and Thu/Fri)  Starting dates are flexible

No need to wait,  Classes can be joined at any time, There are two groups (Tue/Wed & (Thu/Fri)........Thursdays and Fridays (3:15 to 5:15 PM  OPEN NOW). Can be joined at any time...  ( price  $340 when using a check on first meeting or $350 when using a card)  Also, the Tue and Wed Class can be joined at any time going from 6 to 8 PM.....  No waiting at present. 

Choose one of the two class groups:

Tuesday/Wednesday: both 6-8 PM   
Thursday 3:15-5:15/Friday 3:15 -5:15 

Classes held at the corner of Dalton and Government Way in Coeur d'Alene
5624 Government Way, Suite 7

When I teach, it is non-stop.  I don't mutter and I don't lumber in my talk.  I don't waste time on non-issues.  I cover topics that other instructors don't even talk about.  I back every topic with videos.  What cannot be taught in the classroom, I do with behind-the-wheel driving.    Unlike the high school programs, I cover every topic with experiential backup.  Tony Campos

28 years driver education experience since 1987



The classroom phase will take 7 weeks, but the driving portion will carry beyond the classroom phase.

State laws simply do not allow for easy hiring of new instructors.

However....good news.....We will have a new associate instructor joining the school.



 You need to do the following if joining a driver ed class.

Take the student to the DMV to process the application and take the following items.

Birth Certificate, School picture ID, Social Sec #, and VOC from high school.

VOC not needed if home schooled. 

Roadmasters Driving School is located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  Our classroom is located at 5624 Government Way at the corner of Government Way and Dalton.
Roadmasters was founded back in 1990 in Santa Barbara, California.  Then, in 2004 we moved the operation to Idaho.  Although procedures are different between the states, the main issue remains the same and that is to foster the principle of safe driving. 
At Roadmasters, we teach driver education according to the standards of the State of Idaho.  We use a text, videos, demonstrations and most important of all, we use experiences. 

My name is Tony Campos, and I own and operate Roadmasters.  I do have over 25 years experience, because I began teaching starting in 1987.  Over the years, I have seen and experienced a lot of things on the road.  I can tell you with complete confidence that every one of us that drives is still far from perfection.  Not one of us must ever give up on improving our ability to drive.

If a person plays the piano every day for twenty years, he or she will become a master of the instrument.  However, consider that if a person drives for twenty years, he or she may actually become less proficient and more dangerous on the road.  Of course, consider also that if you practice badly with the piano you will never become a good player.  Bad player....   Bad driver.

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