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In the state of Idaho, a teenager can enter a driver education program at the age of 14 1/2.  However, he or she must be 15 in order to receive a full driver's license.  Anyone that is 17 or over is not required to attend a course of driver education.  However, it may be a good idea for any new driver to take a driver education course.
The standard program for teenager certification is 30 hours of classroom instruction and six hours of beind-the-wheel driving with a state licensed driving instructor.
In order to attend a driver education program, a parent or legal guardian must go to the DMV with the student.  An application form is done.  There will be an eye test.  No other testing is done at this time unless the student driver is 17 or over.
You must go to the DMV with four documents.  A birth certificate is required that proves age.  A picture ID such as a school ID is required.  The student's social security card is required.  Finally, a VOC letter is required to be taken to the DMV.  This letter which is a verification of compliance that the student is in good standing at the school can be got by calling the admin office at the school being attended.
These documents should then be presented to the DMV agent.  The agent will ask for the chosen driving school name.  Eventually, the driving school instructor will pick up the issued permits.  The driving school will keep the permit until the student completes the driver education course.  Upon completion, the driving school will issue the permit to the parents.  The teen driving student will be qualified to take the written test and road test after six months of finishing the driving school program.
Upon passing the written test and road test, the student will receive the license.