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Roadmasters Driver Education Program

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In the classroom, we do 30 hours.  The days will vary by group.  One group may be doing two weekday nights from 6 to 8, while another group may be doing two weekdays in the afternoon.
We cover a standardized textbook with 15 chapters.  We always have videos to watch.  The room is comfortable with plenty of room.  We supply water and snacks for free and charge 50 cents for soda.  As the instructor, I supply the talk which is backed by experience.
We cover many topics.  We cover all that is required by the Department of Education and supplementary topics that may not be required or not found in the book such as car security, car buying and selling, and car maintenance. 
When we go driving, we cover the whole area around Coeur d'Alene.  We do city, rural and freeway driving.  My extra brake and a very fast left hand is all that is needed to get the job done.  I get the job done in six hours so that parents will have it easier over the 6 month practice period.
I use a 2015 Subaru SUV with all-wheel drive that the kids love to drive.  The teens should learn to drive a vehicle that is popular in these regions.   


Not the Way to Teach

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No Joking While Driving

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We stop for red lights.

Have you noticed that more and more drivers are going right through red lights.  This is occurring because either the driver is on the cell phone or the driver actually wants to beat the light.  Signal lights should have a delay of two to three seconds before converting to opposing traffic.  We learn to determine "the point of no return" when approaching a green light. 

We stop for stop signs.

Have you noticed just how many drivers actually come to a full stop at a stop sign?  Well, the answer is that almost no one does make a full legal stop.  You could very well get a ticket.  We learn to make full stops at each stop sign.

Pay attention to your driving.

When we are driving, we are in the driving business.  We must not be careless nor must we be complacent.  We learn to pay attention and to be observant.  As the driver, you are totally responsible for your actions.

Take care of your car.

If you abuse your car, it will stop running.  We must learn about what the car requires so that it can continue to run for us.  Some people seem to think that all you have to do is give it gas.  It is amazing how many people graduate from high school these days and do not even know how the automobile operates.  The American education system is a total disgrace when it comes to imparting knowledge about a topic (the automobile) since you will be in the car three to four years out of your total lifespan.

Don't follow too closely.

Never follow too closely or tailgate.  We learn to follow the two or three second rule.  We stay two to three seconds behind the vehicle in front.  During icy conditions, we keep a greater distance to the car in front of us.  Every winter, we see more and more rear end collisions, because drivers are simply careless or outright negligent.  If you hit a car from behind, you will be legally responsible.

Alcohol distorts reality.

In driver education, we learn all about the legal aspects of drinking and driving.  Most important of all, we learn that drinking and driving do not mix.  ALCOHOL DOES DISTORT REALITY.