TEMPORARY NOTICE:  Spring Break March 25 to March 29.......Driver Ed Class will be off this week.  I will be there for online sign-ups from 5:30 to 6 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday and at 2:45 to 3 on Thursday.  Or call 755-9594 

SPECIAL NOTICE:   Sign-ups can be done at 5:30 Tuesday and Wednesday or 2:45 for the Thursday/Friday class.

Expect the drives to occur about four weeks after the class is finished except under certain conditons.  If you demand something quicker contact another drive school and see if it can be done sooner.  I want everybody to realize that most schools will make you wait just to start.  I have decided not to allow my health to go down over the stress of getting pushed into a rush job.  Find out if the other schools will allow you to start immediately as I do. 

(Anthony Campos, PhD)


 NOTICE:    To sign-up for either the online or my personal class just walk in about 30 minutes before class time at the corner of Dalton and Government Way or by appointment.  To register at the DMV, tell them you are signed up with Roadmasters.  We are always open to new students to start immediately. 

The state has clarified that students MUST have purchased a permit before they start a driver ed course or take part in any driving lessons.  First, go to the DMV with student to register.  Take birth certificate and VOC letter from school unless home schooled.